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NABL Accredited Laboratory

Genome Sequencing

We provide whole genome sequencing services, downstream analysis and subsequent diagnostic interpretation of DNA variations. Through the complete DNA sequence of an individual's genome, it is possible to detect the full range of genetic variation in an individual. This will provide clinicians with actionable information about particular diseases and can be used to design personal therapeutic intervention to minimize or avoid the impact of this disease.

Next-generation sequencing technologies have made whole genome sequencing possible and affordable to clinicians and patients. We perform whole genome sequencing using on Illumina's HiSeq platform to typically generate paired end 2 x 100bp sequence reads with 50-100x coverage.

For whole genome sequencing data analysis, we have developed a pipeline for performing various bioinformatics analysis including alignment, high quality variant calling and comprehensive annotation

Who should opt for whole genome sequencing:

WGS is most effective for the prediction of diseases with a strong heritable component in multiple genes and non-coding elements. It reveals the genetic composition and variation related to these diseases as well as the possible disease risk.

At risk and existing cancer patients can benefit from WGS as the analysed genetic information is useful for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

Requirements Prior to Testing:

The Whole Genome Sequencing test must be prescribed by a physician and accompanied by a signed consent form from the patient.

The test result will be sent to the physician directly. The patient will have to consult his/her physician to understand the results and its impact on his/her medical ailment.