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About Us

Diagomet Laboratory was started in year 2013 with the aim to provide quality diagnostic services to the common people in india at pocket friendly price.

Due to change in the living standard and life style of the people of modern era there are many life style disorders like Diabetes,hypertension,autoimmune diseases are increasing day by day and can become life threatening if not treated early. Since these are the symptom less disorders in the beginning ,so one can know about this problem only when they go for a routine health check ups . in India, people is far behind the trend of opting annual health check for their well being and there was need of experience professionals playing pivotal role in creating health awareness among the society and making people health conscious and health savvy.

In the journey of providing quality diagnostics and health check facilities, we are committed to maintain good relation with customers, provide highest standard in patient care, honesty in the process and transparency in services and in deliverables. This would make our customer trust our services and choose us as one of service provide for all their future Healthcare Need.

Diagomet ‘s key strategic role is to coordinate with all the healthcare provider, doing price negotiation with them ,compare the services based on fee defined by individuals hospitals, Nursing homes, Medical centre for in and out patient and difference in the level of quality care offered by them would help the patients avail best healthcare facilities for the common and complex diseases.